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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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issues. today he returned to the capital to address the conditions he inherited. >> there was an nbc investigation that talked about complaints ant the guard. >> reporter: the question followed a series of accusations by more than two dozen members of the california national guard. >> i don't understand. i had faith in this organization. >> i just want it to stop. i just want it to stop. i have no faith in the guard. none. >> 20 cases have been closed, no allegations substantiated. >> reporter: he also said under his leadership the guard has made major improvements once described as -- >> they would give an update on the tremendous progress we've made. >> reporter: he was forced to address this critical report exposed in our investigation. co-authored by a highly
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represented member of the oklahoma national guard. the report identified failures in the way the california guard handled reports of sexual harassment, racism and retaliation. in your decades of experience, have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no, no. i never found that many people who weren't getting resolution. >> there's been quite a bit of discussion and reporting on this so-called petty document. but what you'll find if you were to look at it, the national guard bureau did not release it because it was legally insufficient. >> reporter: but the guard had trouble explaining how a critical report paid for with tax dollars was somehow not presented to general baldwin until after our investigations. you found some serious problems -- >> yes. >> reporter: and from all indications, nothing significant changed. >> yeah. >> reporter: frustrated? >> i'm sure they are.
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>> reporter: so that report, was it a waste of taxpayer money? >> had it come to conclusion, it would have been money well spent. the fact that it was not followed up on by the national guard bureau in the first year, that's problematic. >> reporter: but it's important to note the report criticized the california guard's failure to meet national guard standards in handling complaints. during the hearing at the capital, the national guard bureau said it provided additional training and the california guard is now in compliance. >> of the big messages we continue to reform the california national guard and military department. the governor appointed me to make change and we have made substantial change. >> reporter: general baldwin made it clear before the senate committee and our camera, he remains committed to cleaning up the culture of the california guard. we're also committed to keeping you informed on that progress. >> thank you very much, tony.
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if you have a tip for tony or anyone, give us a call. or send us an e-mail. new at 11:00, from palo alto to san jose, he's worked with teenagers across the bay area for years. but late tonight, the district attorney's office confirming to us that it's filed child molestation charges against a well-known baseball coach. george kiriyama joins us this evening from the peninsula with the details. >> reporter: that's right, joel coppin was the head baseball coach here back in 2006 for one season. i got off the phone with the deputy d.a. and he confirms he's been charged with molesting a teenage boy. this is a photo of him after he was arrested back in august for the same thing. at that time, no charges were filed because there was still a lot of investigation that had to be dope.
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there is a warrant out for his arrest tonight. as of now, kaufman was not been arrested. this is the club's website that he was coach of showing his picture. the club has baseball players from all around the bay area. he owns and operates a batting cage. it's not known if the two victims in this case played baseball for him. the police and the district attorney's office believe there could be more victims. if you have any information, call police. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. palo alto police tell us they arevved a san jose man for robbing and sexually assaulting a woman he met online. 44-year-old david ye attacked a woman on march 9.
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he is tied to other recent robberies in palo alto. showers and sunshine. spring is here and the weather is changing right before our eyes. that change could create problems for the morning commute. on your left, a live look at the clouds hanging over san jose tonight. on the right, a layer of fog in san francisco. jeff ranieri is tracking everything. >> quite a few changes considering that storm system is pushing off towards the south. while the radar appears to be dry, we are tracking a few areas of drizzle. here is how it looks in the fog future cast. as we head into 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning, we'll zoom down to the south and east bays, and you see the areas of gray. we expect ground fog to develop. it will likely continue through 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. then gradually we will get
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clearing and also some sunshine. speaking of which, big-time changes for this and with. we'll let you know how warm the temperatures will get. >> thank you, jeff. true confessions of dangerous social media trend. it's supposed to be a place to turn for help, but a threat posted on one page has parents and students concerned about violence on campus tomorrow. so should they take that confession seriously or consider it a hoax? terry mcsween is joining us live. terry? >> reporter: i can tell you that the police department is telling me they're going to be taking this very seriously, increasing patrols at aragon high school tomorrow. all because of this one anonymous post. it raises questions about young people and their social site communications. >> they know what's happening. a lot of people aren't going to school tomorrow. >> reporter: ryan sees all the
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buzz online tonight, about what was posted on the high school facebook confession page. it threatened violence tomorrow. parents are shaken up, too. >> people aren't going to be sending their 8-year-olds school tomorrow, because of the concern of bullets. >> reporter: police are taking the threats very seriously and will increase police presence at the school tomorrow. there is some indication this may be a hoax. >> to give a threat like this and make time and preparation available for the police department to prepare for that type of action would be very unusual. >> reporter: facebook confession is a place where people can post a problem anonymously. others can then offer help. but the question is what has social media become for young people? facebook, twitter and other sites lead to fewer face-to-face interactions for young people. >> those interactions became stressful. on the other hand, there's pressure on social media to be
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more positive on things like facebook pages. so in some senses the only place they can express their feelings are these anonymous so its. >> people from schools around the area could swrus give feedback, help them out, get a positive out of one of their problems. >> reporter: the high school is going to be in session tomorrow. how many students show up, we'll have to key how seriously this confession page threat is taken. >> terry, thank you. new details about the folk singer who san francisco's show was shut down after she made a gay slur. in a statement today, michelle schott said her comments about gay marriage were misinterpreted. she insists she was pointing out how some people feel about the
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issue. the managers at the jazz club cut her mike and dimmed the lights after her remarks on sunday. dozens of people walked out of her performance. her future concert venues have canceled performances with her. toxic vapors found inside two buildings. and thousands of people travel through it every day. but b.a.r.t. says there's work to be done on the transbay tube. the project project set to begin next week. people should. choose between involvement in public issues and their privacy. >> a bay area man is asking for action after a run-in with cops. what he says police did with his phone that he wants to stop them from doing to yours.
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your cell phone is not as private as you think. if you're arrested, police can legally search your phone. now a bay area man is leading a legal fight against that policy. jean elle joins us with more on this challenge. jean? >> reporter: raj, when you're placed under arrest, police can legally search four cell phone. that's what happened to a protester here in san francisco. now he and the aclu filed a lawsuit, claiming the searches are unconstitutional. these days, the cell phone is like a home office. >> people use their cell phones these days as extension of their lives. >> reporter: bob's phone is packed with personal files. >> people use their phones for tracking health information, financial information, for talking with their bosses or talking about their bosses. >> reporter: in january of last year, he was arrested during a
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peaceful pro-fest advocating for homeless lights. police legally got ahe would of his phone and his information. >> they took my phone and read my text messages. i asked what are you doing? they said we're reading your messages. and i said i don't consent to that. >> reporter: a california supreme court decision says if you are under arrest, police can search your phone. he believes police should be required to get a warrant before looking inside. and he's doing the leg work to try and make it happen. teaming up with the acla, filing a lawsuit against san francisco and the police chief. the aclu says this chamgs the previous court decision by asking the court to consider constitutional protections. >> we have protections in the federal and state constitutions
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for speech and association. >> reporter: it will be up to the court to decide if your cell phone will some day be for your eyes only without a warrant. as it stands, he worries people will sit on the sidelines to protect their personal information. >> people shouldn't choose between involvement in public issues and privacy. >> reporter: the police department says it does not comment on civil lawsuits and the san francisco city attorney's office says it won't comment until it reviews the suit. >> thank you, jean. the standoff in vallejo is over tonight ending in the death of the gunman. there were reports of a man pointing a gun at people on the street. when they arrived, the man had gone inside a home. police evacuated neighbors, including a baby, and surrounded the house. they say the man fired at them after he broke a window and pointed a gun out of hit. the suspect was found dead
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inside the house. no one else was injured. the suspect has not been identified. blowing the whistle. oakland rapper too short was arrested at 3:00 in the morning in los angeles for suspicion of drunk driving and drug possession. lapd says the rapper briefly tried to run from cops. last month, he posted a statement on his facebook page dispelling rumors he was connected to a shooting on the vegas strip. crews are installing four-ton steel plates to shore up b.a.r.t.'s transbay tube, the latest in a series of earthquake safety improvements. the work will last for 14 months. the construction site will be set up and dismantled every day to make shoom for the commute.
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google employees may have been exposed to toxic fumes for months according to a new report. the buildings involved are leased by google and sit directly on top of the super fund site known as the mew plume. our investigation unit found the plumes found in the homes. this latest report details how, from mid november through mid january high levels of tce were found in the air inside of google buildings. all because workers disabled the complex ventilation system. >> prior to november, when the tce readings were elevated, the system was put on manual. >> tce is a cleaning solvent that's commonly used by the military. it's now been linked to cancer
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in people. this is not good news for in of us. doctors say this could be one of the most painful allergy subpoena s -- seasons in years. to minimize symptoms, stay indoors in the morning and late afternoon if you can. and if you have to go out, you should wash your hair and change your clothes when you come back inside. or just wear a bubble. >> i think you and jeff both need to wear a bubble, because you're the worst sneezers. >> you can only take the medication or so long and you have to give up. if you felt allergies today, i'm sorry, but that was your relief today. it's going to get worse from here on out. the storm system we had over the past 24 hours has pushed off to the south. but we are going to be dealing with the after effects of the
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wet weather. that ground is very wet right now. temperatures dropping. we'll see areas of drizzle around the area, throughout the san francisco peninsula, back into oakland. dew points right now running in the upper forts to near 50 and temperatures dropping off to near 50 degrees at about that condensation point. you can see this veil of cloud cover across the silicon valley, up into the hills of the south bay. and the trivalley, you see the patchy fog abundant. right now we have the low cloud cover shrouding downtown san francisco. here's some good news. if you wanted the sunshine back, you don't have any problems with allergies and all for temperatures warming up, that's coming friday, saturday and sunday. slightly offshore winds that should get us back to near average, even slightly above. it will stay in the 50s and 60s, a little bit of a breeze.
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and the valleys get back into 70s for the trivalley, livermore and walnut creek friday and saturday. tomorrow morning, 5:00, 6:00, computer models are picking up on ground fog. there's a good chance we'll get something down here in the south bay. you can see these areas in the morning, likely lingering through 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. then it will push on out through the afternoon and we'll get sunshine in here throughout your thursday. 43 in napa. 46 in san jose and 43 here. so a cold start, but warmer on sunday with increased sunshine by the afternoon. 67 in san jose. 66 in palo alto. close to 70 but not quite there in the east bay with 67 in walnut creek.
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57 in bodega bay. snow bases are decreasing, but they have skiing up there even at alpine meadows. we are expecting sunny skies for this upcoming weekend and another chance of showers by next tuesday and also wednesday. a little fog tomorrow. then a much better afternoon. >> thank you, jeff. a little personal question here. how much do you weigh? one major retailer is asking its workers that very question. the price they pay if they don't tell.
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one of the nation's largest drugstore chains is issuing an ultimatum to employees. reveal your weight or pay the price. cvs workers have to take blood sugar, and body mass tests by may 1. if not, they'll be charged apextra $600. in a statement, the company says employee health data will be
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kept private. cheers. there are several bars in san jose that will be opening at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. get ready for march madness. the ncaa tournament tips off in the morning. today, the practice sessions for the eight teams playing in the san jose regional. practice was open to the public, and free of charge. tomorrow, not free. among the games, cal and unlv, which starts at 4:30 p.m. >> a long day of fun. we'll be right back with sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. tell the truth, is 13 an unlucky number? the warriors entered the night with 13 games remaining in the regular season and needed some luck while visiting the spurs. they haven't won in san antonio since 1997. let's get to some action. second quarter, warriors down
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nine. stef curry, lazy pass. the steal and a jam at the other end. warriors down 13 at the break. fourth quarter, golden state cut it town to five. but tim duncan still has game. he had 25 points, 13 rebounds. spurs win 104-93. the cal bears men's basketball team is the number 12 seed in the eastern region, but they open the tournament a top, skip and jump from their backyard. the bears face number five seed unlv tomorrow. they're scheduled to tip off at 4:27. mike montgomery says his guys are prepared for the big dance. >> i think everybody is pretty aware that we're not prepared mentally. i think they were disappointed. we played for the conference championship and grant it we didn't win it. but we were right there for the conference championship at the end, and then we get the play-in
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game. so mentally we were not prepared for that. >> that was last year. this is now he's ready to go. the sharks and oilers. sharks down a goal. this is wristed by the goalkeeper. game is tied am this went to a shootout. dan boyle, rumors about him being traded, great move here. big win for the sharks, 4-3 is the final. they win 3-0 in that shootout. brewers and giants. ryan vogelsong on the mound. he strikes out the side and he strikes out seven in six innings and the game ends in a scoreless tie. nothing like spring training baseball. a tie! i hate ties.
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jessica and raj, you guys are winners, no ties with you two. >> that's what we like. >> thank you, henry. >> we'll be right back.
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he retired almost 20 years ago, but he's still a big deal. talking about joe montana. he was inducted into the california hall of fame. the red carpet arrivals earlier tonight in sacramento. he's already in the pro football hall of fame. the bay area sports hall of fame. and the 49ers hall of fame. so what's with one more hall of fame? why not? he says he's honored to receive this award. even has advice for the current quarterback of the 49ers. >> it's great. people still recognize the things that we accomplished as a team back in the '80s and first part of the '90s. >> what advice do you have for colin kaepernick? >> keep doing what you're doing.
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>> colin just needs a few more super bowl victories. montana drew huge crowds. still looking great. >> congratulations. that's going to do it for us. good night. hello?
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that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "spring breakers," vanessa hudgens. actor chris o'dowd. the music of gary clark jr. and amazing new inventions from and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ]
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." well here is a -- oh, my god, here is something so frightening, i just heard this on the news. according to the cdc, gonorrhea is developing resistance to all available antibiotics. it may be incurable. [ audience ohs ] have a great spring break everybody. see you later. come on. [ laughter ] that's what it said.
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[ applause ] oh, you hear about this? i love this story, a greyhound bus headed for new york city had to be evacuated when it was discovered to be infested with cockroaches. cockroaches all over bus. [ audience groans ] yeah. turns out the cockroaches were headed home from their vacation on a carnival cruise ship and they took the bus. [ laughter ] that's what happens. there you go. [ applause ] well, here's something interesting. a recent documentary revealed that the queen of england, queen elizabeth, never says hello or good-bye. did you know that? >> rickey: wow. >> jay: she prefers to say "what's up" and "later, bitches." [ laughter ] i was surprised to learn that. i was surprised to learn that. [ applause ] yeah, yeah. it doesn't seem like -- well, a man in england has created a car that runs on coffee. it's actually a ford pickup truck. he has converted it to run on coffee and it goes 65 miles an hour. well, what a genius this guy is. oh, let's pick a liquid that costs even more money than


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